Apostolou Pavlou 53

AG. Dimitrios, Attiki, 173 41


Greek company

Specializing in handmade constructions with the ability to design and adapt to the needs of the customer and his place.

Εξέδρα υπερκατασκευής catamaran για πρόσβαση στη μπούμα, σε συνδυασμό με βάση για solar panel.

Our latest project in America!


Our latest project in America!

the project was done remotely due to covid only with autocad program

Outdoor railings with electrostatic painting made in Greece.

Rail type JULIETTE

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With Specialization in equipment and knowledge we produce and offer top standards, innovative products and services

Our projects are proof of our capabilities and we strengthen our presence with reliability and continuous upgrading to ensure long-term cooperation

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